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To the casual observer, large construction equipment might seem bulky and imprecise. What people don't often realize, however, is that this equipment is typically bolstered by numerous safety features and hours of training are required prior to its operation. Unfortunately, even safety mechanisms and extensive training do not prevent construction site accidents from occurring.

Kelner & Kelner is a firm dedicated to representing injured New Yorkers. We devote significant resources to helping those injured in serious construction accidents and have become a trusted legal resource for clients in the city and throughout the state.

Two of the more serious types of construction accidents are those involving cranes and forklifts.

  • Crane accidents: Nearly every New York construction site makes use of a crane to haul and position materials. From gantry cranes to mobile cranes to tower cranes, these huge pieces of equipment can become the centerpieces of devastating accidents. Falls, dropped loads, faulty construction and crane collapse can be the central elements of catastrophic injuries. Between OSHA regulations and extensive training, crane operators typically have the skill necessary to avoid and prevent serious accidents. However, it is not uncommon for factors beyond their control to lead to accidents.
  • Forklift accidents: Whether at a construction site, a warehouse or a material distribution center, workers rely on the power and flexibility of a forklift. Unfortunately, even as handlers are trained for the safe operation of this equipment, accidents can occur at an alarming rate. Forklifts can overturn, drop materials, strike workers or collide with stacks of merchandise. A worker who does not follow the daily checklist might miss a malfunctioning fork control or a leaking brake line.

Construction accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries. It is crucial that you work with a skilled injury attorney who is dedicated to recovering the maximum compensation possible in your situation. Our firm is dedicated to helping injured New Yorkers avoid financial devastation after a severe injury.

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