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What you know about broken bones, fractures and car accidents

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Car accidents in the NYC area often lead to injuries. The force of impact and the way the body is thrown about during an accident can lead to some serious mental and physical trauma. Not all injuries require medical care. However, many motor vehicle incidents that cause broken bones and fractures do. Some motor vehicle accident victims may need surgery to repair their bones and improve their prognosis. 

Broken bones and fractures often cause a lot of pain and suffering for accident victims. They also lead to high medical bills, lost income and other complications for individuals and their immediate relatives until their injuries are completely healed.

How a car crash can cause broken bones and fractures 

Speed is one of the most common factors that can increase the severity of injuries in a car accident. The higher the speed, the greater the chances of a person breaking or fracturing bones in their: 

  •        Hands
  •        Arms
  •        Face
  •        Collarbone
  •        Legs
  •        Feet
  •        Head 

Speed is not the only factor that can lead to fracture injuries. Contributing factors include the size, weight and type of vehicle, type of objects and debris and whether the victim was secure or thrown about the inside or out of the car. There are also many other variables that can affect the nature and severity of injuries a car accident victim sustains. 

Broken bones can lead to death 

Some broken bones are not serious enough to threaten a person’s life. However, many people have lost their lives due to bone fragments and pieces puncturing their organs and skin, causing excessive hemorrhaging and other complications. 

Anyone who is in a car, truck or motorcycle collision should make her or his health a priority. Injured parties should see their physicians or get emergency care to have their physical and mental conditions assessed. If treatment is necessary, they should follow all medical recommendations and document symptoms. They should also consider speaking to an attorney to learn if they are eligible to pursue compensation from the wrongful party. An attorney can help access all the resources needed to recover financially, emotionally and physically from the ordeal.