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Construction accidents that seriously injure and kill workers

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Workplace accidents are common in New York. But on construction sites, they happen so often that they are a standard part of the job. Many construction contractors know they work in environments that have more hazards and risks than the average workplace in other industries. But the promise of high pay is enough for many of them to overlook the risks. 

The impact of construction accidents on workers is often serious. Injured workers may sustain fractured bones, amputations, disfigurement, brain and spinal damage, and may even die. Their injuries often result in short-term and permanent disabilities, lost income, and extensive medical bills. Family members of injured workers often endure financial distress because of a significant reduction in the household income, and they are unable to work and must care for their injured loved ones. Here is a brief overview of the types of accidents that construction workers face on the job. 


Construction sites are full of electrical wires and hazards. Workers are subject to injury or death when they fail to follow proper electrical safety protocol and wear the right equipment to protect them against electrical shock. Risk factors that lead to electrocutions include live wires, missing ground, ground paths, improper use of equipment and malfunctioning electrical equipment. 


Construction sites are unfinished buildings that have holes, missing walls or missing safety barriers. Workers may also misuse ladders and scaffolds and miss hazards that can cause them to slip, trip and fall from multiple levels

Falling objects 

Workers are in danger of falling objects striking them. Debris, work equipment and other factors contribute to objects striking workers from above. Workers must wear proper head and eye gear to lower the risk and severity of injuries they may sustain. 

Construction site injuries are not easy for victims to recover from. Many individuals who sustain injuries are unable to return to work or to earn a living. Because construction site accidents can cause major challenges for injured workers, many of them find it necessary to work with an attorney for support.