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Agency to study excessive commuting by truckers

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Commercial truck drivers in New York may want to lend their voices to the comments about a proposed survey by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The survey will pertain to excessive commuting and truck drivers. According to the agency, an excessive commute is one that is longer than 150 minutes.

There are multiple topics related to excessive commuting that could be addressed by the survey. For example, the agency wants to study the proportion and number of commercial motor vehicle drivers who commute and the distances that they generally travel. The survey will also focus on which time zones are crossed, how fatigue and safety are affected by commuting and the type of commuting policies that have been enacted by motor carriers.

The agency released a notice on the survey that noted the inquiry into the commuting practices of truckers is a response to a requirement in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act. Section 5515 of the highway bill requires the agency to study how safety is impacted by the excessive commutes conducted by motor carrier operators. The agency also has to give to Congress a report that details the results of the study.

The notice also stated that commuting times in the United States have increased during the last 20 years. This is attributed to the growing number of workers and the greater distances to affordable housing in the majority of metropolitan locations.

Individuals who are injured in truck accidents caused by truck driver fatigue may have legal recourse. A personal injury attorney could file a lawsuit on behalf of a victim against the negligent driver. The truck company or motor carrier may also be pursued for financial compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation and pain and suffering.