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Texting while driving seen as overwhelmingly dangerous

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Getting behind the wheel in New York can mean facing an array of dangers on the roadways, some of them accentuated by recent social trends. Distracted driving due to texting or social media use on the road is one major concern. Another concern that has risen is driving while under the influence of marijuana, especially because there is no recognized standard for intoxication as there is for drunk driving. One study conducted by Harris Poll has found that a great majority of Americans view these behaviors as dangerous with nearly everyone seeing texting while driving as a massive safety risk on the road.

Respondents to the survey expressed overwhelming recognition of the dangers of a range of roadway behaviors. For example, 99 percent of the survey respondents noted that social media use while driving was a threat on the roadway, and 98 percent of respondents said that texting while driving is dangerous. Another 91 percent of participants in the survey said that it is dangerous to drive while under the influence of marijuana, and 87 percent said it was also a danger to other drivers and passengers on the roadways to drive after marijuana use.

Researchers and other experts have noted concerns about a higher rate of driving while under the influence of marijuana as cannabis is legalized or decriminalized in many places across the United States. Experts urge greater study, especially because marijuana can cause lowered reaction times, an effect that can be dangerous in case of a roadway accident or other emergency.

People who have been injured in car accidents caused by others texting while driving or other dangerous behaviors on the road may be able to consult with a personal injury lawyer to discuss their options. A lawyer might provide representation to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages caused by a distracted or otherwise dangerous driver.