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What to do around aggressive drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In New York, it’s common for drivers to come in contact with aggressive drivers. Oftentimes, these same drivers become aggressive themselves. Rather than honking horns, flashing headlights, and making hand gestures, motorists should consider what many experts recommend they do.

For example, when they notice a car coming up close behind them, they should let the car pass as soon as possible. Signal for a right turn so that the aggressive driver does not decide to pass on the right. Slowing down or accelerating could block a passing lane, further aggravating the driver. To begin with, drivers should keep some breathing room between cars. This room may allow them to make quick escapes when necessary.

Drivers should restrain their road rage, play calming music if possible, and try to think reasonable thoughts. Also, road rage increases stress, which leads to serious health issues. Drivers should never make eye contact with the aggressive motorists, especially in a snide way, as this can be perceived as a threat to their superiority. If an ideal parking spot is taken by another, drivers should simply let it go and think charitable thoughts.

Road rage can turn ugly very quickly, and it can end in a car collision that causes serious injuries to occupants of other vehicles. The injured victims will often require expensive and lengthy medical care and treatment, and in many cases they will be unable to return to work during their recovery period. In such an event, they might want to meet with a personal injury attorney and learn how best to seek compensation from the negligent driver.