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Common accident causes

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Over 40,000 people die from motor vehicle accidents annually in the United States. While most New York drivers are probably aware that drunk driving and excessive speeding are high-risk behaviors contributing to the overall numbers, other factors are less likely to be featured on the evening news. Being aware of accident causes can make drivers more prepared to limit their risk when getting behind the wheel for their daily commute.

Distracted driving has been getting a great deal of attention in recent years, but it is certainly not a new hazard. Smartphones have created a very convenient distraction in close proximity to drivers, but staring at roadside signs and businesses has been causing accidents almost since the invention of motorized transport. Commuters who spend traffic time primping or eating put themselves and other motorists at risk with their inattentiveness. Spending a few extra minutes at home or even in the parking lot after arriving at their destination could eliminate risk and make for safer transit conditions all around. Monitoring roadway conditions and weather forecasts can also prevent wrecks. Drivers who do not allow extra time to manage unsafe highway conditions are more likely to push safety limits in hopes of avoiding delayed arrivals.

Roadway design is an often-unconsidered factor in traffic accidents. Highway engineers are tasked with the responsibility to consider likely traffic patterns and factor population growth into designing roadways but sharp curves, improper slopes, and unsafe visibility all factor into accident statistics. Modern vehicles often have advanced safety equipment installed or available as options. Making use of available technology, including seat belts, can both prevent accidents and reduce the severity of injury when crashes do happen.

When crashes happen, someone is typically guilty of negligence. Car accident lawyers are trained to examine details, determine responsible parties, and ascertain the full extent of damages. Consulting a qualified attorney might help victims get full and fair compensation for their injuries after a wreck. Source: New York Times, ‘US Traffic Deaths Rise for Second Straight Year,” Boudette, N.E., February 15, 2017