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The most frequent truck accident injuries

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Accidents between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles usually end badly for the occupants of the latter; in fact, they make up 97 percent of the fatalities in such accidents. When they survive, though, they can still be left with long-term physical and mental conditions. Drivers in New York should, therefore, know what the most common truck accident injuries are.

Some of the most serious are spinal cord injuries. The impact of the crash could dislodge, fracture or crush the vertebrae as well as damage the nerves, resulting in temporary or permanent paralysis. Victims could also be left with broken or shattered bones, especially in the legs and arms, when their bodies are thrown against the window, airbag or steering wheel. The hip and skull are also particularly vulnerable.

Traumatic brain injuries are another frequently reported injury. These can be characterized by head injuries or mild or severe concussions. Their most troubling aspect is that their symptoms often appear days after an accident, heightening the risk for misdiagnosis. In addition, victims may suffer from cuts and lacerations, and the resulting physical scars may have a negative psychological effect.

Lastly, survivors may develop post-traumatic stress disorder. The National Centers for PTSD states that up to 9 percent of all auto accident survivors do. Its symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks and an often crippling anxiety.

Those who survive a truck accident may be reimbursed for their injuries, including the cost of treatment and the wages lost during their recovery. They might benefit from legal assistance before moving forward with their truck accident claim, though. To build up the case, a lawyer may utilize a network of third-party professionals, including medical experts. He or she might also negotiate for an informal settlement with the trucking company and, if negotiations fall through, proceed to litigation.