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How to stay safe around large trucks

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

According to a study from Verizon Connect, New York was among the safest states to drive in as a commercial trucker. The study looked at 6,200 fleet customers from fleets ranging from 2 to 200 trucks. The trucks themselves ranged from light vans to heavier vehicles, and data was gathered from September 2015 to October 2017. Among all 50 states, North Dakota had the safest drivers with Maine and Nebraska in the top three.

Utah, Georgia and California were states with the most dangerous types of drivers. The study took into consideration a driver’s actions such as speeding, braking too hard and cornering when compiling this list. A company called Teletrac Navman also asked drivers for their input as it related to safety hazards that they saw on the road. Among the most common concerns included passenger vehicles failing to signal before changing lanes.

Passenger cars were likely to take actions that left larger trucks less time to brake or otherwise maneuver in response. Furthermore, 19 percent of respondents said that drivers should slow down while on the road and be aware of road conditions as they change. Truck drivers pointed out that those in passenger vehicles should pass larger vehicles in a timely manner to avoid being caught in their blind spots.

If truck driver fatigue or other negligent behavior causes an accident to occur, an injured victim might want to have legal representation. An attorney may help gather evidence to prove that a negligent truck driver caused the crash to occur. Compensation might pay for current and future medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings. Cases may be resolved either in court or through a negotiated settlement.