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Tips for preventing electrocution on construction sites

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Construction Accidents |

Construction sites harbor several hazards, ones that even the most experienced New York workers should occasionally remind themselves of. Electrocution can cause severe injuries, even death.

The CDC lists the causes of electrical injuries and tips for preventing them. Construction workers and contractors should know how to protect themselves, and others, against unnecessary harm…and worse.

Common causes of electrical injuries and fatalities 

One of the main reasons for electrical injuries and fatalities on construction sites is that workers come into contact with live electrical wiring and electrical equipment. Digging into the specifics, it is usually temporary power sources utilized during renovation that act as the main source of electrocution injuries and fatalities. Construction workers who normally do not work with electricity also suffer harm because of touching underground or overhead power lines. In many cases, electrical fatalities and injuries are often the result of OSHA violations.

Tips for preventing electrical injuries and fatalities

Besides adhering to the most recent OSHA standards, there are several additional ways to prevent electrical fatalities and injuries on construction sites:

  • Site managers must share/deliver electrical safety materials and training in a worker’s native language.
  • Contractors and employees need to know the location of overhead and underground power lines.
  • Electrical equipment should be either double-insulated or grounded.
  • All metal objects should remain far away from electrical parts and circuits.
  • Workers should disconnect all plugs before repairing or replacing power machinery or tools.

It is especially important to properly train contract workers, apprentices and younger construction site employees. Occasionally re-educating more experienced employees is also a good idea.

Being aware of electrocution risks and prevention methods helps keep mishaps to a minimum. Being aware of and following the most recent OSHA standards also helps reduce accidental regulation violations.