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Bones that commonly break after a car accident

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When an individual finds themselves with a fractured bone after an accident, they may have a lot of uncertainties and questions. According to the Sterling Medical Group, the spinal vertebrae at the back of their necks may get broken. It may occur when they have a head-on or a rear-end collision as the force of their bodies gets impacted by the airbags or the seat restraint. The vertebral fractures are the most serious and may be fatal.

Similarly, they may break their clavicle. It is the most fragile bone in the body, and it runs across the top of the rib cage. It is often fractured during collisions as it is thin in density. Similarly, they may fracture their pelvic bone as it is a common injury in a severe accident. Besides, they may break their femur and fibula. Broken legs in a car accident are standard. The leg bones are stable but may break when the force of the car wreck crushes into the leg.

According to the Central Medical Clinic, they may get a facial or a skull fracture. They often occur when the person strikes the windshield. The split may happen if the individual was not wearing a seat belt. Besides, they may fracture their wrist. The wrist comprises of many fragile bones. Therefore, these bones may get broken in a fatal accident due to their fragility.

Similarly, they may experience a back fracture. When a person gets involved in a rear-impact or head-on collision; they may get their disks fractured. Also, their clavicle may get cracked. It is among the most fragile bone among all the bones in the body and may easily get broken during an accident.