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Bus driver sentenced to 10 years after fatal accident

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Making mistakes on the road can not only cost someone their own life, but it can take the life of their passengers as well. Unfortunately, school bus drivers are not exempt from making errors and the consequences can be disastrous. Parents entrust the safety of their children to school bus drivers every day without a second thought. When the school bus driver makes a decision that costs the lives of his or her passengers, however, lives can change forever. 

Such is the case for two families that had their lives torn apart by a fatal bus accident, according to NBC New York News. While making an illegal turn on the highway, a dump truck broadsided the school bus. One fifth grader died along with one of the teachers chaperoning the field trip. The school bus driver pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide, child endangerment and assault by auto. He received a 10 years sentence in state prison for making a deadly mistake that cost two people their lives. 

The crash encouraged legislative efforts to change the seat belt requirement in school buses to three point seat belts. Additionally, legislation introduced four new safety bills as a direct result of the crash, causing school bus drivers to take safety classes and prove fitness over the age of 70. 

It may be helpful for people who have lost a loved one due to a fatal automobile accident to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. This can shed light on the types of compensation and assistance that may be available to cover medical treatment, counseling, and other financial assistance.