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How the latest technology reconstructs truck accidents

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Because of their large size and bulk, trucks can inflict serious injury if they collide with another vehicle. In the aftermath of a truck accident, an investigation will take place to determine how the accident occurred. Thanks to the latest advances in technology, it is possible to reconstruct the events of a truck accident in greater detail. 

In the past, people had to find out how vehicular accidents happened through the use of photos of the scene and by interviewing witnesses. Since many companies outfit their trucks with sensors and cameras, investigating parties have more precise tools to reconstruct the events of a truck collision. Fleet Owner describes some of these technologies and how they can help investigators. 


Electronic computer modules can reveal important information leading up to a crash. When used on a commercial truck, an ECM can record when the truck stops. This data includes the speed of the truck, the amount of throttle and the braking input for about a minute and a half before the truck stops. So in the aftermath of an accident, an ECM may reveal how the truck driver tried to stop the truck before the collision and if the trucker had attempted to stop the vehicle at all. 


Truck cameras have come a long way. Dash cameras in particular are essential to reconstructing a truck accident. For one thing, a dash camera may record the accident if the incident occurs in camera view. Also, since a dash camera records the actions of the truck driver, it may show conclusively whether the trucker was at fault for the collision or not. 


Even equipment that helps prevent a truck from getting into an accident can be of help in reconstructing a truck collision. This equipment includes radars, truck sway sensors, tire pressure sensors, and lane departure warning sensors. All of these systems may switch on recording systems that send warning alerts to a truck dispatcher in the event of trouble. This data could contribute to an accident reconstruction if a collision should happen. 

Given the complexity of some truck accidents, collision victims need all the help they can get to demonstrate that they were not at fault for their injuries and deserve compensation. A legal team helping a crash victim may ask to see the recordings and data from devices if they were used on the colliding truck.