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Reviewing statistics on deadly large truck collisions

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

The size and weight of commercial vehicles on the road around you may make you feel uncomfortable at times. The federal government provides strict regulations for the trucking industry to minimize your risk. The agency responsible for gathering the data and analyzing the statistics is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The FMCSA then uses the information to create and enforce safety regulations that help prevent serious accidents.

Trucking companies, truckers and others in the industry should review these statistics on fatal large truck crashes to develop a better understanding of the scope of the problem and implement preventative measures.

Fatal truck crash trends

Although truck crashes may be dangerous on any roadway you may be traversing, the FMCSA reports that during 2018, about 57% of all fatal large truck crashes occurred on rural roads. Meanwhile, only 27% took place on interstate highways. Furthermore, 13% took place on interstate highways in rural areas, indicating that large truck crashes are especially dangerous in rural environments.

Other statistics on deadly truck crashes

According to the FMCSA, drugs play a role in many deadly truck accidents, with 6% of truckers involved in fatal accidents during 2018 testing positive (note that 60% did not take drug tests after the collision).

Speeding and failure to wear a safety belt also contributed to many of the fatalities that occurred due to large truck collisions in 2018. In some instances, when a careless truck driver or negligent trucking company causes these accidents, the responsible party may be liable for the financial damages related to the injuries and fatalities.