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What risks are associated with C-sections?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Injuries |

According to the Mayo Clinic, cesarean deliveries or c-sections occur for many reasons. The health of the baby, the length of the labor, and giving birth to multiples can all cause doctors to perform c-sections on patients.

While most doctors do their best to ensure a safe surgery, problems can still occur. The following risks can affect you as well as your baby when giving birth via c-section.


Injuries can affect babies and mothers during c-sections. While it is a rare occurrence, surgeons may injure the baby’s skin. The mother’s internal organs, such as the bladder can also sustain an injury from surgical tools. With serious injuries, doctors often perform additional procedures to address the issue.

Breathing issues

C-section deliveries carry a greater risk of transient tachypnea as compared to vaginal birth. This breathing problem affects babies during the first few days of life. It causes abnormal rapid breathing and requires timely medical attention.


Infections can occur within the surgical wound, or they can affect the uterine lining. Redness and swelling of the surgical site, fever, and pain all signal problems healing. Your obstetrician will provide signs of infection to watch for after your release from the hospital.


A hemorrhage is a type of uncontrolled bleeding. It can occur during the procedure or afterward. Heavy bleeding requires immediate medical attention by a doctor, either your obstetrician or at the emergency room if your doctor is not available.

Obstetricians must take all necessary precautions when performing a c-section. When doctors behave carelessly or negligently, the chance of the above risks will only increase.