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Construction workers may be at risk for chemical burns

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Construction Accidents |

Construction workers encounter many hazards on their job site, and an accident may easily result in an injury. One injury that people may incur is a chemical burn. This type of wound can be serious, and construction workers need to know how to identify this wound and how they should handle it.

People may incur a chemical burn when their skin comes into contact with chemicals and their fumes. According to Medical News Today, construction work frequently brings people into contact with chemicals. Paint thinners, metal cleaners and concrete mix may all contain chemicals. If workers do not use the proper safety procedures, they may receive a burn while handling these materials.

Common symptoms

According to Healthline.com, there are several signs that people may have a chemical burn. People may notice redness, irritation or pain in the burn area. Sometimes, their skin may also look black. These symptoms may be more pronounced if people were in contact with the chemical for a longer period of time. The strength of the chemical can also make the burn more severe.

Treatment and recovery

If people think they have a chemical burn, they should seek treatment as soon as possible. People should usually rinse their burn with water so that they can remove the chemical from their skin. If the burn is large or particularly painful, people may need medical care, especially if they begin to go into shock.

If a burn is not severe, a doctor may be able to treat the wound with anti-itch medications and antibiotics. However, serious burns may need more intensive care. If construction workers received a third-degree burn, they may need to receive occupational therapy or skin grafts so that they can make a full recovery.