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What types of rehabilitation could you need following a TBI?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

After an accident, traumatic brain injuries or TBIs are common. According to Mayo Clinic, if you suffered a significant brain injury, you may have to go through rehabilitation. If a doctor prescribes rehabilitation, it is typically to help you perform daily activities again.

While some rehabilitation takes place in the hospital, you may be able to go through an outpatient rehab program.

Learning cognitive skills

If you lost cognitive skills due to a TBI, some rehabilitation therapies may help. Meeting with a neuropsychologist may help improve your performance. He or she can assess your impairment and help you learn new coping strategies along with tending to your emotional or psychological health.

Often, TBIs can affect speech and language. Working with a speech and language therapist can help you to improve your communication skills. In some cases, you may need an assistive communication device.

Learning work skills

Many TBI patients lose their ability to work in their previous job after an accident. You may not have the same skillset that you had before. You may need to see an occupational therapist who can teach you new skills to perform your daily activities. In addition, speaking with a vocational counselor may help. He or she can give you resources that address the challenges you may face in the workplace. The counselor can also point you in the right direction for vocational opportunities.

When you have a TBI, you may also have a social worker or case manager who can assist with care decisions, planning and communicate with different care professionals and family members.