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What are possible results of a fourth-degree burn?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Construction Accidents |

If you work at a construction site, you understand the possible kinds of injuries you might suffer while on the job. Sometimes poorly maintained electrical wiring, malfunctioning machinery or hot chemicals inflict severe burns on workers. First- through third-degree burns are common burns. However, sometimes workers suffer a fourth-degree burn.

A fourth-degree burn is particularly severe. It happens when the burn penetrates through the skin and can even descend into muscle and bone. This is a very dangerous burn that can have fatal results if you do not receive treatment as soon as possible.

The risk of infection

Healthline explains that since a fourth-degree burn destroys some of your skin, it leaves your body open to harmful pathogens that your skin would ordinarily block from entering your body. A bacterium such as tetanus is one example. Contracting tetanus could cause you serious health problems and even death, particularly if you have not received a tetanus vaccination.

The risk of sepsis shock

The damage wrought by a fourth-degree burn could cause your body to overreact in a dangerous manner. Some burn victims suffer sepsis, which happens when their bodies try to fight off an infection. However, this condition can cause your organs to suffer inflammation, plus your blood pressure may drop dangerously low. This condition is sepsis shock and can become deadly.

Dehydration and low body temperature

Fourth-degree burns can deprive you of some of your body liquids, which could lead to dehydration. Additionally, the internal temperature of your body could plummet to a dangerous level. This is because a fourth-degree burn may take away some of your body heat since it inflicts damage to your skin.

Loss of skin

It is possible the skin in a burned area may grow back. Still, given the severe nature of a fourth-degree burn, you might not be able to generate new skin. Your doctors will probably recommend skin grafts to restore the burned area. Even so, you will likely have a degree of disfigurement because of your burn.

You may also need treatments to help restore muscle and joint function. Severe burns can require treatment and therapy for a prolonged period, which is why you should know your possible medical costs before seeking compensation for a burn injury.