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Can crashes cause a crush injury?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

When dealing with a car crash, plenty of injuries will likely accompany it. Some of these injuries have more serious outcomes than others, including the possibility of crush injuries.

What exactly are crush injuries and what are the expected and potential complications that come with them?

Defining crush injuries

Up To Date discusses the impact of crashes and the crush injuries they may cause. Crush injuries can happen any time your body suffers from a traumatic impact where a heavier or larger object flattens part – or the entirety – of the body.

For example, someone running over another person’s foot with a car would count as a crush injury. At the same time, someone trapped under rubble due to a collapsed building in an earthquake also counts as a crush injury victim.

Due to the range of injury, it is hard to say exactly what the biggest risks will look like. However, it is possible to make a guess based on the area of the body that a person injured.

Torso vs. extremity crush injuries

When it comes to crush injuries of the limbs or extremities, the biggest risks tend to come in the form of infection. Sepsis, necrosis, gangrene and a loss of tissue due to oxygen starvation may all occur.

As for crush injuries to the torso, the biggest risks tend to revolve around organ failure. Many victims who cannot get blood to all of their organs will begin to experience organ shutdown.

In either scenario, immediate medical attention is necessary for the best potential outcome.