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Possible CTE diagnosis may give concussion patients hope

If you are a football fan or played the game in high school or college, you may be familiar with the medical term CTE, meaning chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This is a brain disease that results from repeated strikes to the head. Not surprisingly, former professional football players have shown to be susceptible to the condition, as well as members of the military, boxers and professional fighters. However, there may be cause for anyone in New York and elsewhere who has suffered multiple concussions or minor head blows over a lifetime to be concerned that they may develop this destructive disease, especially since it cannot be positively diagnosed when you are alive.

Safety issues with NYC school buses

Nothing is more symbolic of school than a bright yellow bus full of children. Although school buses are a safe mode of transportation, accidents and injuries do still occur. Their lower numbers do not mean they should be dismissed, however.

Construction accidents that seriously injure and kill workers

Workplace accidents are common in New York. But on construction sites, they happen so often that they are a standard part of the job. Many construction contractors know they work in environments that have more hazards and risks than the average workplace in other industries. But the promise of high pay is enough for many of them to overlook the risks. 

What you know about broken bones, fractures and car accidents

Car accidents in the NYC area often lead to injuries. The force of impact and the way the body is thrown about during an accident can lead to some serious mental and physical trauma. Not all injuries require medical care. However, many motor vehicle incidents that cause broken bones and fractures do. Some motor vehicle accident victims may need surgery to repair their bones and improve their prognosis. 

Seat belt use is up in New York

Seat belt use has climbed steadily in New York, an unequivocal win for traffic safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seat belt use can reduce the risk of fatality in a car accident by 45 percent, and reduce the likelihood of a moderate to severe injury by half. The increase in seatbelt use over the last several decades has undoubtedly saved lives.

Common causes of workplace fires and prevention tips

Fire is one of the most common hazards in the workplace. Prevention of fire injuries starts with identifying the common causes of burn injuries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it is also the responsibility of your employer to train you about fire safety.

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