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How fatigue impacts drivers

Operating a motor vehicle after being awake for more than 20 hours is the equivalent of driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent. This is the legal limit in New York and all other states. Furthermore, a person is three times more likely to get into a crash when he or she drives while tired.

Head-on crash in New York leaves 4 seriously injured

Media outlets in New York have reported that four people were seriously injured in a head-on collision in Wayne County on the evening of July 21. A representative from the Wayne County Sheriff's Office said that the investigation into the crash was ongoing. The accident took place on Ridge Road in the Town of Wolcott at approximately 6:30 p.m.

Women drivers likelier to use their phones, study says

New York prohibits the use of portable electronic devices among drivers. Despite this, many have no sense of how dangerous it is to text or call while behind the wheel. The Society for Risk Analysis has recently conducted a situation-based analysis of drivers' likelihood to engage in distracted behavior based on several factors. One of those factors is a negative view of road safety.

NSC estimate shows car crash deaths for 2017 exceed 40,000

Earlier in 2018, the National Safety Council released a preliminary estimate on car crash data for 2017, and for the second year in a row, the number of traffic deaths in the U.S. exceeded 40,000. There were an estimated 40,100 fatalities in all, compared to 40,327 in 2016. Drivers in New York will want to know more about this and other recent trends.

Reckless Porsche driver causes fatal wreck in small New York town

Tires, glass and debris were scattered across multiple lanes on State Route 299 after a high-speed police pursuit ended in a fatal car accident on July 1 in Ulster County. A speeding 2008 Porsche Cayenne appeared to be the source of the crash. Local police in Lloyd had pursued the vehicle after receiving a call about someone driving erratically. Police tried to initiate a traffic stop, but the Porsche sped away in the highway's westbound lane.

3 dead, 7 injured in single-vehicle accident

On June 8, a New York teenager who was involved in a car accident that resulted in three fatalities and seven injuries was taken into custody and charged with several offenses, including three counts of second-degree manslaughter. The teen, age 15, was set to go to court on June 11.

Tesla CEO unhappy about coverage of self-driving car crashes

Residents of New York who are having doubts about the safety of semi-autonomous vehicles should know that they're not alone. The recent occurrence of accidents involving these vehicles has raised many concerns, and each accident receives considerable media coverage. For example, a driver in Utah crashed her Tesla Model S into a fire truck on May 11 because even though the Autopilot program was on, she let her phone distract her from the road.

New York man who caused accident charged with homicide

A 37-year-old New York man who is accused of being under the influence of drugs when he caused a fatal accident on the Long Island Expressway in March has been charged with vehicular homicide. The Suffolk County district attorney announced that the charges against the man had been upgraded on May 4. The man faces a total of 20 felony and misdemeanor counts including charges of manslaughter in the second degree, vehicular manslaughter in the second degree, aggravated vehicular assault and driving while impaired by drugs.

New York City accident injures 6 and causes long delays

New York police have reported that six people were injured the morning of March 30 in an accident on the Grand Central Parkway in Queens County. The crash caused all of the busy highway's eastbound lanes to be closed for more than three hours. Paramedics transported the accident victims, three of whom had been injured critically, to the trauma center of the New York-Presbyterian hospital. Initial reports indicate that excessive speed may have been the primary cause of the crash.

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