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Bill seeks to reduce truck accident fatalities

Many safety advocates in New York are urging increased regulations to lower the risk of a particularly deadly type of trucking accident. Underride crashes occur when a passenger car slides under the carriage of a large commercial truck, often crushing or severing the top of the car. These accidents can occur at the rear, front or side of the truck, and they are very likely to be fatal. Associated with severe head and neck injuries, underride crashes have even resulted in decapitations.

Investigation of deadly truck and bus crash focuses on tires

Trucking companies in New York and elsewhere must maintain their fleets so that commercial vehicles function within safety standards. As a result, the condition of the front tires on one semi-truck has come under scrutiny after it crashed into a bus and killed eight people Aug. 31 on Interstate 40 in New Mexico.

How to stay safe around large trucks

According to a study from Verizon Connect, New York was among the safest states to drive in as a commercial trucker. The study looked at 6,200 fleet customers from fleets ranging from 2 to 200 trucks. The trucks themselves ranged from light vans to heavier vehicles, and data was gathered from September 2015 to October 2017. Among all 50 states, North Dakota had the safest drivers with Maine and Nebraska in the top three.

Brake safety initiative targets ill-maintained trucks

When New York drivers get behind the wheel, they can be dedicated to keeping their eyes on the road, but an accident can still strike. When the cause of an accident is a poorly maintained truck, the results can be particularly devastating due to the size, weight and mass of the vehicle involved. Despite the dangers posed to others by negligently maintained trucks, there are a number of large trucks on the highways that are suffering from serious deficiencies in the upkeep of their brakes.

The most frequent truck accident injuries

Accidents between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles usually end badly for the occupants of the latter; in fact, they make up 97 percent of the fatalities in such accidents. When they survive, though, they can still be left with long-term physical and mental conditions. Drivers in New York should, therefore, know what the most common truck accident injuries are.

Fatal truck crashes rose in 2016 according to FMCSA report

In New York and across the U.S., commercial truck accidents are all too common. Though the past two decades have seen a decrease in accident rates, with many crashes being prevented by new safety measures and technology, every increase can be a cause for concern. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration just published a report revealing a 3 percent increase in fatal truck crashes from 2015 to 2016.

Truckers may become less distracted with new tech

According to data analytics firm Zendrive, an estimated 69 million drivers in New York and across the U.S. use their phones every day while behind the wheel. At any given hour, approximately 40 percent of the nation's drivers are using their phones at least once. This is especially bad because cellphone use is behind 26 percent of all collisions.

Road to Zero Coalition takes aim at road fatalities

Motor vehicle accidents claimed the lives of more than 37,000 road uses in New York and around the country in 2017 according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but a group of road safety experts believe that this figure could be reduced to zero by 2050. A report released on April 22 by the Road to Zero Coalition, which is managed by the National Safety Council, suggests that this goal could be accomplished by encouraging vehicle occupants to fasten their safety belts, supporting new safety technology such as autonomous accident avoidance systems and creating a culture of safety that frowns on reckless behavior behind the wheel.

Technology startup hopes to reduce truck driver fatigue

More than 70 percent of the goods used around the country are transported by road, and New York truck drivers work as many as 70 hours during an eight-day workweek to keep up with consumer demand. Road safety statistics reveal that truck driver fatigue plays a role in about 100,000 accidents each year, and many of these crashes are catastrophic in nature because drowsy or sleeping drivers are unable to take evasive action.

FMCSA attempts to reduce truck accidents challenged

Truck accidents can be a serious highway safety concern for drivers in New York and across the United States; collisions that involve 18-wheelers, semi-trucks and other large vehicles may lead to severe injuries and even death due to their large size and mass. One troublesome cause of truck accidents can be truck driver fatigue, leading to drowsy driving or even dozing off behind the wheel.

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