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Women more likely to suffer car crash injuries than men

At least since 2011, experts have recognized a certain trend in car crashes: namely, that women are more likely than men to be seriously injured or killed in a car crash. New York motorists should know that scientists from the University of Virginia have measured how much greater women's risk is. It turns out it is 73% higher.

Most common factors in auto accidents in the U.S.

Every year across the U.S., thousands of people die in auto accidents. Most New York accidents are caused by human error, and there a few common ones. At the top of the list is distracted driving. The rise in smartphones and other in-vehicle technology has turned this into an epidemic, but the reality is that almost anything can become a distraction, even talking with passengers.

New York police to conduct Fourth of July DWI checkpoints

Drivers in New York who plan to take road trips during the upcoming Fourth of July holiday period may be wise to appoint a designated driver if they may be tempted to consume alcohol. Independence Day is the deadliest federal holiday of the year for drunk driving accidents, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on June 28 that law enforcement will be stepping up patrols and conducting sobriety checks across the Empire State to reduce the annual DWI death toll.

What to do about drowsy driving

Many drivers in New York and elsewhere head out on the road without getting the minimum seven hours of sleep that the CDC recommends. Others get behind the wheel after extended periods of wakefulness, yet the National Sleep Foundation has said that being awake for 24 hours is like being drunk with a BAC of .10.

Memes, other social media may be deadly distractions on the road

Distracted driving can be deadly. Nevertheless, many drivers in New York engage in it on a regular basis. Cellphone use is becoming especially widespread behind the wheel. Wakefield Research has recently conducted an online study regarding distracted driving that involved 2,000 U.S. respondents. Root Insurance, a company offering insurance incentives to motorists who avoid cellphone use, recently shared the results.

Volvo announces safety technology to make roads safer

New York drivers who are intoxicated when they get behind the wheel may be prevented from causing crashes in some types of vehicles in the near future. Volvo announced on March 20 that starting in the early 2020s, its vehicles would come equipped with cameras and sensors that would detect signs of drunk driving and take action.

Distracted driving remains a problem for American motorists

Research released by the Risk Institute has revealed important information about the impact of distracted driving on roadways throughout New York and the rest of the nation. Everything from cellphones and navigation screens takes eyes of the roads, leading to record numbers of collisions. In order to make people more aware of this problem, several organizations started the Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which takes place every April.

Study examines role of opioids in fatal car accidents

New York motorists who cause fatal collisions might be more likely than the other driver to be under the influence of opioids at the time of the crash. A study examined data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System on 18,321 deadly two-car motor vehicle accidents and found drivers who caused accidents were almost two times more likely to have opioids in their system than drivers who did not. Among all fatal accidents in the study, more than 7,500 were the result of failure to remain in the lane.

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