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Undertstanding slip and fall cases

New York residents should know that slip and fall personal injury cases pertain to those cases in which one party trips or slips and incurs an injury on another person's property. These cases are typically classified as premises liability claims. Slip and fall accidents often take place on premises maintained or owned by another party, who may be held liable for the resulting injuries.

There are many different types of hazardous conditions that can result in a slip, fall and injury. These conditions can include alterations in flooring, torn carpeting, wet floors, inadequate lighting or narrow stairs. Individuals can also be injured falling or slipping outside due to snow, rain or a concealed hazard. Slip and fall cases can also result from individuals falling down stairs or stumbling on cracked or broken sidewalks. In order to be able to pursue compensation against the owner of the premises, the plaintiff must have incurred some sort of injury.

Signs of a traumatic brain injury after an accident

Car accidents can change lives in an instant. One moment you may be traveling to your vacation destination or just driving to the grocery store, and the next you could find yourself sitting in a wrecked vehicle waiting on New York law enforcement to arrive on the scene. How can you pick up the pieces and move forward from here?

The aftermath of a car accident is overwhelming. In addition to the physical injuries you may have, you could also be facing significant financial loss, damage to your personal property and emotional trauma. Your recovery can be even more complicated and difficult if you also suffered a traumatic brain injury in the accident. Brain injuries are complex, and you may need different types of support in the following weeks and months.

Truck accident victims face complex cases

For people in New York, truck accidents may be particularly devastating. Every year, thousands of people lose their lives or are seriously injured in crashes involving large semi-trucks. Car accidents can already be complex as there are a number of parties involved, and victims may face a fight for justice. However, the landscape can be even more complicated when a truck accident is involved.

There are a number of reasons why truck crashes can be more severe, beginning with the greater size and mass of the vehicles involved. Large trucks can do devastating damage; in addition, truck accidents may involve more cars and other vehicles. A truck accident may shut down a highway, leak cargo or block traffic, leading to a cascade of collisions. The more parties are involved, the more complex a case can become.

What to do about drowsy driving

Many drivers in New York and elsewhere head out on the road without getting the minimum seven hours of sleep that the CDC recommends. Others get behind the wheel after extended periods of wakefulness, yet the National Sleep Foundation has said that being awake for 24 hours is like being drunk with a BAC of .10.

Drowsy driving should be of concern to all drivers because it is behind 9.5% of car crashes, according to a 2018 AAA study. In fact, that percentage may be higher since drowsiness can be hard to detect (and easy to lie about) in the wake of a crash.

Memes, other social media may be deadly distractions on the road

Distracted driving can be deadly. Nevertheless, many drivers in New York engage in it on a regular basis. Cellphone use is becoming especially widespread behind the wheel. Wakefield Research has recently conducted an online study regarding distracted driving that involved 2,000 U.S. respondents. Root Insurance, a company offering insurance incentives to motorists who avoid cellphone use, recently shared the results.

Overall, participants used their cellphones while driving for an average of 13 minutes a day. Almost two in five said they do not bother to put down their cellphones when they see law enforcement around. In spite of this, 89% were critical of Uber and Lyft drivers who text and drive, saying they would leave a bad rating on such operators. Another 90% considered themselves superior drivers to ride-hailing employees.

Road traffic injuries remain leading cause of death among children and young adults

Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for people ages 5 to 29, according to the World Health Organization. This scary statistic involves victims who are driving or passengers in vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians. In fact, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians make up over 50% of all traffic-related fatalities around the globe.

Volvo announces safety technology to make roads safer

New York drivers who are intoxicated when they get behind the wheel may be prevented from causing crashes in some types of vehicles in the near future. Volvo announced on March 20 that starting in the early 2020s, its vehicles would come equipped with cameras and sensors that would detect signs of drunk driving and take action.

This comes on the heels of an earlier announcement by the company that starting next year, none of its vehicles would be able to exceed a speed limit of 112 miles per hour. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in 2017, 10,874 people died in crashes related to drunk driving and that an average of nearly 30 fatalities per day can be attributed to being intoxicated while behind the wheel. Volvo says it wants to take steps to prevent these kinds of accidents altogether.

Distracted driving remains a problem for American motorists

Research released by the Risk Institute has revealed important information about the impact of distracted driving on roadways throughout New York and the rest of the nation. Everything from cellphones and navigation screens takes eyes of the roads, leading to record numbers of collisions. In order to make people more aware of this problem, several organizations started the Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which takes place every April.

Drivers seem to overlook the risks of distracted driving for a variety of reasons. Studies show that overconfidence leads many drivers to risk accidents by looking at their cellphones. While most smartphones now have a do-not-disturb feature available, many people refuse to turn it on. Insurance discounts could ultimately encourage drivers to avoid distractions and concentrate on the road.

Multi-car crash in New York leaves six injured

Just before 3 p.m. on March 25, a police chase ended with the suspect crashing into another vehicle in the Bronx. Six people were injured as a result and had to be rushed to NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln.

The accident took place near the intersection of East 163rd Street and Washington Avenue. Police were chasing a vehicle whose driver had committed a traffic violation when that vehicle carrying five passengers collided with another car. The suspect's vehicle crashed against another car, the only occupant of which was the driver, before coming to a stop.

Fiery crash kills 1, critically injures another

A fiery car crash took the life of one person and left a man critically injured in New York on March 11. The accident occurred in East Flatbush just after 3:30 a.m.

According to the New York Police Department, the driver of the car, a 26-year-old man, was traveling on Kings Highway when he apparently lost control of his vehicle and violently smashed into a street pole near Tilden Avenue. The force of the impact destroyed the vehicle and caused it to burst into flames. A passerby managed to put out the fire, and rescue crews extricated the driver and a 30-year-old passenger. They were transported to Kings County Hospital for emergency treatment.

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