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Drowsiness impairs driving of night shift workers

Workers in New York who are heading home after an all-night shift face an increased risk of car accidents. The culprit? Drowsy driving. A team of medical researchers studied the driving abilities of a group of night shift workers on a closed driving track. The research subjects navigated the course after getting roughly seven hours of sleep and then again after working all night.

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Motorists in New York and other states may be interested in knowing that the health status of the trucker traveling in the lane next to them could link that driver to an increased likelihood of a crash. Study results released by the University of Utah School of Medicine in early 2017 suggest that commercial drivers who have three or more medical conditions are more likely to be involved in a crash than drivers who do not suffer multiple ailments. Because such truck crashes may negatively impact occupants of other vehicles, a better understanding of the relationship between driver health and the risk of an accident could ultimately lead to an improvement in roadway safety.

Research shows over 1 million injured on stairs each year

Across New York and the rest of the nation, stairways pose a constant safety hazard. In a study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, researchers examined the reports of ER patients between 1990 and 2012 who were admitted on the basis of a stairway-related injury. Patients totaled over 25 million in that 23-year span.

What you know about broken bones, fractures and car accidents

Car accidents in the NYC area often lead to injuries. The force of impact and the way the body is thrown about during an accident can lead to some serious mental and physical trauma. Not all injuries require medical care. However, many motor vehicle incidents that cause broken bones and fractures do. Some motor vehicle accident victims may need surgery to repair their bones and improve their prognosis. 

Construction accidents kill 2 men on same day

On September 21, two fatal construction accidents occurred just hours apart in New York, prompting local officials to think of new ways to keep its workers safe. The City Council is considering a bill requiring construction workers to attend safety training and apprenticeship programs.

Impact of car size on vehicle collisions

New Yorkers who have small cars may enjoy better gas mileage, but they also have higher risks of being seriously injured or killed when they are involved in collisions. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway safety, people who are in small cars have twice the risk of being killed in accidents when they are compared with people who are in larger, heavier vehicles such as trucks or SUVs.

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