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National Governors Association publishes road safety report

Highways across New York and the rest of America are dangerous places. The situation has become worse rather than better in recent years, according to statistics. With U.S. traffic fatalities on the rise, the National Governors Association has published a report that focuses on the role of governors in coordinating efforts to increase road safety.

Marijuana celebration linked to car accident deaths

New York has not yet legalized the consumption of marijuana for recreational use, and lawmakers in the Empire State may study data coming out of states like Washington and California closely when the time comes to consider such legislation. Those who oppose more liberal marijuana laws often cite worries about impaired driving among their chief concerns, and research published recently in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests that these fears may not be completely unfounded.

Study shows collision avoidance systems reduce injury crashes

Collision avoidance systems can significantly reduce injury car crashes in New York and nationwide, according to a 2017 study. Conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it analyzed the impact of warning systems on traffic safety.

How to prevent driving distractions

Some New York drivers may be distracted by their smartphones or by devices in their cars while they are behind the wheel. Many safety experts blame distracted drivers for the rise in traffic fatalities. Distractions can include making adjustments in the car such as temperature control as well as any actions that lead to drivers looking away from the road.

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