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Construction site accidents can take deadly toll

Construction workers in New York can face daily dangers on the job. Whether digging deep tunnels underground or constructing the newest towering building, construction work often involves heavy materials, complex machinery and unfinished structures. These inherent dangers can be greatly intensified when defective equipment is used or when a contractor violates safety standards in the workplace. Across the board, construction fatalities show a rising trend; from 2011 to 2015, the number of workers killed in construction accidents rose 26 percent.

Technology startup hopes to reduce truck driver fatigue

More than 70 percent of the goods used around the country are transported by road, and New York truck drivers work as many as 70 hours during an eight-day workweek to keep up with consumer demand. Road safety statistics reveal that truck driver fatigue plays a role in about 100,000 accidents each year, and many of these crashes are catastrophic in nature because drowsy or sleeping drivers are unable to take evasive action.

New York City accident injures 6 and causes long delays

New York police have reported that six people were injured the morning of March 30 in an accident on the Grand Central Parkway in Queens County. The crash caused all of the busy highway's eastbound lanes to be closed for more than three hours. Paramedics transported the accident victims, three of whom had been injured critically, to the trauma center of the New York-Presbyterian hospital. Initial reports indicate that excessive speed may have been the primary cause of the crash.

Court grants less burden of proof on motions for personal injury plaintiffs

When the negligence of an individual or corporate entity leads to an accident and your personal injury, you can sue the responsible party for damages. The awards you receive help you pay for immediate and long-term health care bills, make up for lost income or employment and, in some cases, compensate for pain and suffering. 

AAA survey measures increase in drivers using cellphones

Drivers in New York too often give into the temptation to use their phones behind the wheel, and a national poll confirms the prevalence of distracted driving. A new survey of 2,613 licensed drivers by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety revealed a 46 percent increase in drivers who admitted to talking on their phones while driving compared to a 2013 survey. The survey also asked people if they believed that distracted driver threatened safety, and 88 percent of respondents acknowledged the dangers.

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