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Brake safety initiative targets ill-maintained trucks

When New York drivers get behind the wheel, they can be dedicated to keeping their eyes on the road, but an accident can still strike. When the cause of an accident is a poorly maintained truck, the results can be particularly devastating due to the size, weight and mass of the vehicle involved. Despite the dangers posed to others by negligently maintained trucks, there are a number of large trucks on the highways that are suffering from serious deficiencies in the upkeep of their brakes.

Camp bungalow explodes, injuring 14

Fourteen people were injured when a camp bungalow exploded in New York on June 8. Three of the individuals were critically injured, and one required being airlifted to a hospital. The victims were returning to a bungalow at a camp for teenage boys when a sudden explosion occurred and caused the entire structure to erupt in massive flames.

How safe are you on a NYC bus?

If you are a typical New Yorker, taking the bus is an almost daily occurrence for you. On any given weekday, 2.38 million people ride a city bus, 1,997,302 of them on one of the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s five local bus routes in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, and 40,817 of them on one of the MTA’s express route buses. Countless other passengers ride a bus operated by the city’s 249 independent bus companies. All of you expect that your bus rides will be safe and uneventful. Sadly, however, expectations often do not match reality.

3 dead, 7 injured in single-vehicle accident

On June 8, a New York teenager who was involved in a car accident that resulted in three fatalities and seven injuries was taken into custody and charged with several offenses, including three counts of second-degree manslaughter. The teen, age 15, was set to go to court on June 11.

The most frequent truck accident injuries

Accidents between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles usually end badly for the occupants of the latter; in fact, they make up 97 percent of the fatalities in such accidents. When they survive, though, they can still be left with long-term physical and mental conditions. Drivers in New York should, therefore, know what the most common truck accident injuries are.

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