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Camp bungalow explodes, injuring 14

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | Premises Liability |

Fourteen people were injured when a camp bungalow exploded in New York on June 8. Three of the individuals were critically injured, and one required being airlifted to a hospital. The victims were returning to a bungalow at a camp for teenage boys when a sudden explosion occurred and caused the entire structure to erupt in massive flames.

The teenage boys were staying in the bungalow while at a Hasidic camp. Witnesses say that when the boys returned to the bungalow after being away, they smelled gas. A window was opened to air out the room. Moments later, the explosion occurred. The explosion was so strong that witnesses in nearby bungalows were shaken by the blast.

Eight fire departments were called in to help put out the raging fire. Water had to be brought in because the fire occurred in a non-fire-hydrant area. It took approximately 40 minutes for the fire to be put out. Since the fire is under investigation, authorities have not confirmed if the explosion was caused by a gas leak.

When a fire causes injuries to multiple parties, local police and fire departments will launch an investigation in order to determine the cause of the incident. Once the cause is determined, the liable parties may be held accountable for the damages and injuries that occurred.

In this case, a lawyer might be able to prove that the camp was negligent in the care and maintenance of the cabin, resulting in the fire and explosion occurring. A lawyer could potentially use the investigation report, witness accounts and personal testimony in order to help the injured parties receive compensation for medical care and pain and suffering.