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Common accident causes

Over 40,000 people die from motor vehicle accidents annually in the United States. While most New York drivers are probably aware that drunk driving and excessive speeding are high-risk behaviors contributing to the overall numbers, other factors are less likely to be featured on the evening news. Being aware of accident causes can make drivers more prepared to limit their risk when getting behind the wheel for their daily commute.

Common causes of DUI-related deaths

Driving under the influence leads to many fatal accidents in New York and throughout the rest of America. Even when below the legal blood-alcohol content limit of .08 percent, inebriated drivers can be inattentive to the road. Those who are above the limit will have an impaired judgment and perception of speed and distance. Considering that these issues are often combined with drugs, medication and distractions, it's no wonder that drunk driving accounts for one-third of all traffic-related deaths.

FMCSA attempts to reduce truck accidents challenged

Truck accidents can be a serious highway safety concern for drivers in New York and across the United States; collisions that involve 18-wheelers, semi-trucks and other large vehicles may lead to severe injuries and even death due to their large size and mass. One troublesome cause of truck accidents can be truck driver fatigue, leading to drowsy driving or even dozing off behind the wheel.

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