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Elevator malfunction causes New York man's death

A New York man died on Aug. 22 as a result of injuries related to being trapped between the elevator car and the shaft wall in his luxury high-rise apartment building. Even though elevator transportation is generally very safe, injuries still do occur, especially when maintenance is neglected.

CVSA schedules Brake Safety Week for mid-September

Many commercial vehicle drivers in New York and across the U.S. are traveling with bad brakes. By doing so, they are violating federal regulations and putting both themselves and others at risk for an accident. To address this issue, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds a brake inspection spree every year throughout North America. It is called Brake Safety Week.

An open fracture means a long road to recovery

Most people hope to get through life without suffering any type of serious injury. Injuries of any type can be difficult to recover from, and in many cases, people can still feel the effects of those injuries years later. If you are in a car accident, you run a serious risk of suffering severe injuries.

Women more likely to suffer car crash injuries than men

At least since 2011, experts have recognized a certain trend in car crashes: namely, that women are more likely than men to be seriously injured or killed in a car crash. New York motorists should know that scientists from the University of Virginia have measured how much greater women's risk is. It turns out it is 73% higher.

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