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Elevator malfunction causes New York man’s death

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Premises Liability |

A New York man died on Aug. 22 as a result of injuries related to being trapped between the elevator car and the shaft wall in his luxury high-rise apartment building. Even though elevator transportation is generally very safe, injuries still do occur, especially when maintenance is neglected.

The 30-year-old man was attempting to get out the elevator when it malfunctioned and trapped him. He was pinned between the car and the shaft wall. Two other passengers were with him and exited right before the deadly elevator malfunction.

Emergency crews worked to take apart the elevator as the man was trapped. They tried to distract him as they did the work, but he was eventually pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. There will be an ongoing investigation, and the exact cause of this man’s death will be determined by the medical examiner.

Residents of the luxury high-rise said that they were brokenhearted upon hearing of the event. However, they were not surprised. They recalled many times that the elevators in the building malfunctioned. The Department of Buildings had even issued an elevator citation at this location on May 2019.

Someone who has noticed an issue with the elevators or some other safety hazard in their place of residence will likely contact the management company. If nothing is done about the problem and they are injured, legal action may be warranted. A person in this situation might wish to discuss the matter with a personal injury attorney. Legal counsel could explain the individual’s rights and provide information about slip-and-fall injuries, negligent property owners or inadequate security.