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On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2017 | Truck Accidents |

Motorists in New York and other states may be interested in knowing that the health status of the trucker traveling in the lane next to them could link that driver to an increased likelihood of a crash. Study results released by the University of Utah School of Medicine in early 2017 suggest that commercial drivers who have three or more medical conditions are more likely to be involved in a crash than drivers who do not suffer multiple ailments. Because such truck crashes may negatively impact occupants of other vehicles, a better understanding of the relationship between driver health and the risk of an accident could ultimately lead to an improvement in roadway safety.

During the study, researchers investigated different categories of accidents, including preventable crashes and accidents that resulted in injury. The study results remained constant with variables such as operator age and depth of experience factored in.

From a lack of nutritious meals on the road to inadequate sleeping arrangements, some truck drivers face conditions that may be bad for their health on a daily basis. Research has previously linked the resultant medical issues such as lower back pain, heart disease and diabetes to poor driving performance. The new evidence indicates that the risks of poor health are more widespread than previously recognized.

Motorists in New York who are hurt in truck accidents may want to seek advice from a personal injury attorney. If a trucker’s health status is a factor in an accident, the attorney might establish liability in the case and negotiate a settlement with insurers. In the event that a satisfactory agreement cannot be achieved at the negotiating table, the attorney may be able to litigate the matter in court on the client’s behalf.