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Investigation of deadly truck and bus crash focuses on tires

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Trucking companies in New York and elsewhere must maintain their fleets so that commercial vehicles function within safety standards. As a result, the condition of the front tires on one semi-truck has come under scrutiny after it crashed into a bus and killed eight people Aug. 31 on Interstate 40 in New Mexico.

A preliminary accident investigation indicated that the semi truck hit a Greyhound bus after losing the tread a front tire. A senior investigator from the National Transportation Safety Board said that the tires were going to the agency’s headquarters for a thorough inspection. The NTSB also wants to see the truck driver’s medical records and toxicology report.

The local state police chief who responded to the crash described it as the worst fatal wreck in his career. The medical examiner’s office continues to confirm the identities of the victims and notify their families. Investigators have found the electronic data recorders from both commercial vehicles and want to speak with the truck driver. The final cause of the accident remains to be determined.

The owner of the semi truck, Jag Transportation, has already been charged with negligence in two lawsuits. The company has not provided a statement to the media.

When a person gets seriously hurt in a semi-truck crash, the representation of an attorney could support the recovery of financial damages. An attorney might obtain maintenance records and the driver’s hours-of-service logs and potentially identify evidence of negligence to support a lawsuit. A legal review of the trucking company’s insurance policy might also inform a victim about available coverage that an insurance adjuster might not disclose.