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Defective electronics put consumers at risk of burns

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Injuries |

When a product has a defect that could cause harm to the consumer, the company that manufactured it as well as the retailer that sold it could be liable for the damages. Electronics, in particular, often pose fire and explosion risks that are especially dangerous to consumers.

Manufacturing errors that affect limited numbers of a product line may also lead to product liability cases. Even when user error leads to a hazardous situation such as a fire, the issue could remain a liability to the company if the instructions did not adequately warn the customer of the dangers.

Investigation uncovers dangerous electronics

According to an investigation by CNN Business, 1,500 reviews on Amazon’s website claim that the AmazonBasics electronics and appliances put consumers in danger. Consumers claim the items they purchased caught on fire, exploded, melted or malfunctioned in other ways.

The reviews cover a span of four years and more than 70 products, and that number represents only a fraction of the products available through the online retailer. However, a single injury due to a product defect is one too many. The company had already recalled some of the products at the time the customers posted the reviews, and others were subject to recall later. After the CNN investigation, other items on the list became unavailable.

U.S. Government sponsors recall website

The investigation revealed that consumers reported many of the defective products to government agencies. When a manufacturer does not recall a product on its own, the U.S. government can issue the recall and force the issue. Recalls.gov has a list of defective products and recalls that consumers can use to look up items and to report dangerous products.