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How can TBIs change your personality?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Head injuries of any sort have the ability to seriously impact your physical, mental and emotional health. But even beyond that, it can change your behavior and its related patterns as well, making it seem as though you have a different personality.

Why and how do these changes happen? Most importantly, when faced with such extreme alterations, is it possible to reverse them?

Factors that change the impact

As Mayo Clinic says, TBIs can affect many parts of your life and health. Though behavioral impacts have always served as a concern for medical professionals, it often does not get as much press or attention as other forms that TBIs manifest in, such as through memory loss.

The behavioral impacts of a TBI differ depending on several factors, such as where the injury occurred and the strength behind the blow. Your physical and mental health may also factor in. For example, some people have disorders or medical conditions that already affect brain health, which makes damage from TBIs manifest differently or more strongly.

Behavioral impacts of a brain injury

As an example, TBI sufferers with damage to the frontal lobe often also suffer from impulse control issues. This is due to the fact that the frontal lobe controls your self-restraint and self-regulation. Without it, sufferers often experience:

  • Rash thinking
  • Impulsive behavior and actions
  • Difficulty thinking before they speak
  • Quicker to feel agitated, frustrated or angry

It is also common for TBI sufferers to experience bouts of temper, which often serves as one of the most disturbing aspects for loved ones to handle.

The recovery rate of TBI sufferers differs greatly from case to case, and it often involves extensive medical treatment and recovery plans. For that reason, many victims in your position will attempt to seek financial compensation to help them through.