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Avoiding bus injuries when boarding or disembarking

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2023 | Bus Accidents, Bus Injury |

Traveling by bus in New York presents a more hygienic, comfortable and less crowded alternative to the subway. Each day, millions of commuters ride the bus to reach their destinations. While most of these trips go without a hitch, there are occasional accidents while passengers are boarding or disembarking.

The hidden dangers of entering and exiting buses

Several hazards are present while commuters enter or exit the bus. One significant danger is its steps. Commuters may underestimate or overestimate the height of these steps, leading to potential trips and falls, especially when carrying large items or accompanying children.

Additionally, when buses don’t pull over completely to the curb, it may leave a gap where pedestrians and cyclists can pass. If commuters exit or enter the bus unexpectedly, cyclists may not have enough time to stop and crash into them.

Commuters may also put themselves at risk if they rush to get out of the bus before it’s fully stopped. If they attempt to exit before the designated bus stop, they could slip and fall because the bus is still in motion or crash into unsuspecting pedestrians.

Sometimes, the fault may fall on the bus operator. Failing to address missing or broken handrails, malfunctioning doors and slippery stairs can lead to an accident. Commuters could get caught between the bus doors or slip and fall on the steps.

Stepping up your safety

To minimize accidents, commuters should always be mindful when riding the bus. Practicing the following precautions may help commuters stay safe on daily bus rides:

  • Avoid rushing to get in or out of the bus.
  • Don’t lean on the bus doors.
  • Use the handrail when climbing down or up the steps.
  • Don’t cross the street after disembarking until the bus has left.
  • Stay seated while the bus is moving.
  • Hold on to handrails or seatbacks while finding seats.
  • Wait for passengers to disembark before getting on.

When commuters don’t pay attention, they could sustain severe injuries that require extensive medical treatment. Although bus injuries are not always the commuter’s fault, their actions can significantly minimize risks. Being mindful helps ensure their safe arrival at their destination, rather than enduring preventable injuries.