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Why are truck accidents often associated with amputation?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Truck Accidents |

Undeniably, truck accidents are among the most severe and devastating types of motor vehicle accidents. Their immense size and weight, combined with high-speed impact, can lead to catastrophic injuries that are often life-altering. One of the most severe injuries victims of these accidents can suffer is limb amputation.

When you look closer at these accidents, it’s easy to see why they’re often connected with losing a limb.

Severe traumatic injuries

Because trucks are so much bigger and heavier than most other vehicles, accidents involving them can cause serious harm. In a major crash, the huge force might result in injuries that crush limbs. If the damage to a limb is too extreme, doctors might be unable to save it and an amputation could be necessary.

Delayed medical attention

When truck accidents happen on highways or in remote areas, it might take longer for medical help to arrive. This delay can be critical, especially if someone’s limb is severed during the accident. Without immediate medical care, serious complications can occur, such as:

  • High risk of infection
  • Substantial blood loss
  • Tissue death (Necrosis)

Treatment delays can lead to insufficient blood flowing to the affected area, causing tissue death or necrosis. These complications can make an amputation more likely.

Post-accident complications

Once medical help arrives and care begins, the challenges don’t stop. Even with swift care, severe injuries to a limb can lead to a host of other problems. These might include infections, blood clots or the injury site not getting enough blood. Sometimes, these complications can become so severe that the safest option is to amputate the limb.

This begins a tough recovery for those injured, often due to reckless, fatigued or distracted truck drivers. The impact of such accidents can be immense, causing emotional trauma alongside physical injuries, especially for those who undergo upper limb amputations.

Toward recovery and healing

The impact of such accidents can be immense, causing emotional trauma alongside physical injuries. But remember, if hurt by someone’s negligence, you have rights. You can seek justice and compensation and help prevent similar accidents from happening again. It may be challenging but know that you can always start your journey toward healing and justice.