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Shooting victims target Walmart for inadequate security

After making national headlines, the events of the El Paso shooting became common knowledge to New York residents. A man who claimed to be targeting Mexicans opened fire in a Wal-Mart store, killing 22 and wounding several others. A lawsuit brought by two of the wounded shoppers sought judgment against the retailer for premises liability resulting from inadequate security. A Walmart spokesman signaled the company's willingness to work with authorities in documenting the event. Since the August 30 filing of the claim, Walmart has also pledged to stop selling certain ammunition and issued statements against open carry.

Elevator malfunction causes New York man's death

A New York man died on Aug. 22 as a result of injuries related to being trapped between the elevator car and the shaft wall in his luxury high-rise apartment building. Even though elevator transportation is generally very safe, injuries still do occur, especially when maintenance is neglected.

Understanding slip and fall cases

New York residents should know that slip and fall personal injury cases pertain to those cases in which one party trips or slips and incurs an injury on another person's property. These cases are typically classified as premises liability claims. Slip and fall accidents often take place on premises maintained or owned by another party, who may be held liable for the resulting injuries.

Zoo volunteer has thumb detached by orangutan

New York residents who work in zoos know that certain animals can be dangerous. In December of 2018, an intern at a North Carolina zoo was killed by a lion that somehow left its enclosure. In mid-January 2019, another incident, though non-life-threatening, occurred; a volunteer at the Toledo Zoo had her hand bitten and her thumb detached by a 14-year-old orangutan.

Attorneys say shooting survivors intend to file lawsuit

Some people in New York may have heard that on August 26, there was a deadly shooting at a Florida video game tournament. On Aug. 28, attorneys announced that some survivors would be filing a lawsuit although they did not say who would be targeted in the lawsuit.

Camp bungalow explodes, injuring 14

Fourteen people were injured when a camp bungalow exploded in New York on June 8. Three of the individuals were critically injured, and one required being airlifted to a hospital. The victims were returning to a bungalow at a camp for teenage boys when a sudden explosion occurred and caused the entire structure to erupt in massive flames.

Flooring a key issue in slip-and-fall accidents

New York slip-and-fall accidents can cause devastating injuries to victims. These accidents are largely preventable, and many businesses have fall prevention programs in place. Despite this, some companies fail to take their flooring choices into account in their fall prevention programs.

Research shows over 1 million injured on stairs each year

Across New York and the rest of the nation, stairways pose a constant safety hazard. In a study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, researchers examined the reports of ER patients between 1990 and 2012 who were admitted on the basis of a stairway-related injury. Patients totaled over 25 million in that 23-year span.

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