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We Keep Mass Transit Safe

New York thrives on public transit. We trust our bus and train drivers. They are supposed to be professionals prepared for even the worst situations. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Repairs go wrong; drivers get distracted; accidents happen in the blink of an eye.

When a bus, train or other mass transit vehicle goes out of control, the results are often catastrophic. Between the number of bodies and the speed and weight of a bus, subway car or train, other drivers and passengers can suffer serious injuries.

Who Is At Fault If I Am In A Mass Transit Accident?

Every case is different. Mass transit accidents often involve buses, shuttles, trains or subway cars. Any vehicle meant to transport crowds of people is a mass transit vehicle. Your accident may also include other drivers, mass transit operators and contractors like the city or state. In some cases, witnesses may be needed and other passengers may play a part in the accident. The details of your case will determine who is involved in your suit overall.

Does This Mean The City Is Responsible?

Many mass transit vehicles are contracted by the city. This does not necessarily make the city responsible. Mechanics, drivers and other businesses may have a role in liability.

A Friend Or Family Member Was With Me. Can We Use The Same Attorney?

If you and your loved one were both seriously injured, using the same lawyer may make a lot of sense. It can lessen the burden for investigation and help maximize both claims.

What Types Of Injuries Are ‘Normal?’

There is no such thing as a “normal injury,” but some are more common than others. Our firm handles severe injuries. We want to help those who need it most.

Will You Accept My Case?

Our focus is to provide the highest-quality legal care and access to medical professionals for serious injuries that occur in our region.

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