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Aggressive Representation Following A Roof Collapse

Many collapses can be traced to gradual structural failure. Cracks appear, water damage is indicated by stains, or chunks of drywall simply crumble away. Unfortunately, a ceiling collapse is often a sudden onset — the danger, appearing out of nowhere. Due to the sudden nature of a roof collapse, victims have little chance to protect themselves. Traumatic brain injuries, crush injuries, amputation and even death can follow a roof or ceiling collapse.

What Factors Can Lead To A Roof Or Ceiling Collapse?

With the changing seasons in New York, numerous factors can lead to devastating structural accidents. These factors include:

  • Failure to remove excess snow and ice, which could lead to a buildup of weight
  • High winds
  • Excess water from storms
  • Water buildup from leaking pipes
  • Building code violations
  • Building fires
  • Failure to maintain property

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