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Construction work usually involves working with heavy-duty equipment and materials, and a construction accident can lead to severe injury and even the loss of a job. Should an injury occur, laws exist to help injured ironworkers, tin knockers, carpenters, roofers and other construction workers receive monetary damages.

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Carpenter Personal Injury

Making up the largest percentage of employees in the construction industry, carpentry workers are involved in a wide range of activities, including the construction, installation, repair and remodeling of wooden structures and fixtures. It is the responsibility of their employers to follow safety regulations during each of these activities and to make sure that each worker has undergone adequate formal safety training. However, when employers or even equipment manufacturers fail to do so, it can result in serious work-related injuries for carpenters.

Roofer Personal Injury

Ironworker and carpenter accidents are not the only causes of serious injuries that can occur at a construction site. Roofers also face a major risk of suffering serious injuries or wrongful death from slip-and-fall accidents or from falling objects while not using proper safety equipment. Roofer injuries can be more severe than ironworker and carpenter injuries and may result in permanent, life-changing disabilities that can prevent the victim from ever being able to return to work.

Fortunately, there are laws designed to protect roofers and other construction workers should they fall or be injured by a falling object. In addition to receiving workers’ compensation, the law provides that roofers may be entitled to receive financial damages for pain and permanent injury if part of the responsibility rests with an employer, general contractor or building owner for failing to provide proper safety equipment.

Ironworker Personal Injury

Ironworkers perform important tasks at construction sites, erecting and installing steel beams to create the frameworks for commercial and residential buildings. Since their work involves a great deal of climbing and balancing in high places, ironworkers use safety devices such as nets and scaffolds for protection. Yet despite these attempts at increasing safety, ironworkers face a high risk of suffering severe work-related injuries. In fact, an ironworker is the most likely of all in the trade occupations to become injured on a construction site.

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