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Injured In An Excavation Or Trenching Accident?

Excavation and trenching jobs are the most dangerous ones on New York construction sites. Accidents can occur for many reasons such as a contractor’s negligence or supervisors failing to follow basic safety measures. When shortcuts are taken, workers are at risk of serious injuries or even death.

When a trench collapses, it can quickly turn into a hazardous environment. Heavy objects and equipment from above can come crashing down. Cave-ins or striking an unexpected wire or pipe can lead to an excavation accident. Often, there is no escaping a catastrophic injury.

Construction workers who perform excavations should have the proper bracing and shoring requirements in place to prevent a collapse. Many times, these safety protocols are overlooked. These provisions provide the protection that workers need to maintain safety. Excavation equipment such as bobcats, bulldozers, track loaders, excavators and other heavy machinery could be faulty or, if improperly used, can lead to a devastating accident. Operators can also be negligent in their use if distracted, under the influence of drugs or alcohol or lacking the training and experience to handle this dangerous equipment.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an excavation accident on a construction site, you need the injury attorneys at Kelner & Kelner Esqs to help you get the compensation you deserve. Our skilled trial lawyers are known for getting some of the highest verdicts and settlements in New York state.

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Workers’ compensation is not the only financial option when you have been injured on a construction site. New York’s Labor Law Sections 240 and 241 provide protection to injured workers. Although workers’ compensation can provide needed replacement income, if your injury was a result of someone else’s negligence, then you may be entitled to money damages to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering and future loss of income and cost of care.

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· $27 million verdict for a construction worker
· $16.5 million settlement for a construction Worker
· $9.7, million settlement for a Construction Worker

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