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Common Construction Injuries

Construction zones are hazardous. There is a reason why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) pays so much attention to construction procedures and has so many safety rules. Accidents on construction sites are often more dangerous and result in more serious injuries than in other workplaces.

For more than 75 years, the lawyers at Kelner & Kelner Esqs have worked to defend workers’ rights and get people compensation for catastrophic injuries. We have seen the full range of injuries resulting from construction zones. Our goal is simple: help you recover the most compensation we can so that you can focus on a complete recovery. Our firm combines decades of experience and community ties to make sure your case is treated with respect.

How People Get Hurt In Construction

New York construction is bustling, and our workers spend hours trying to push modern architecture’s limits. Unfortunately, this is not always without risk. Kelner & Kelner Esqs works to help people with life-altering injuries. We commonly see these as a result of:

  • Falls from heights, such as off of scaffolding or high-rise framing
  • Scaffolding and trench collapses
  • Defective safety equipment
  • Large machinery malfunctions and crashes

Any one of these can lead to permanent brain damage, paralysis, serious wounds and lacerations. In the worst cases, they can even cause death.

After injuries like these, your life may never be the same. You and your loved ones will have to adapt and that is not an easy task, especially if the injured was the family’s breadwinner. Our firm can help set things right.

How Our Attorneys Help Your Family

We will use sophisticated legal arguments and dedicated medical resources to make sure the full costs of an injury are evaluated and that you leave your case with enough money to cover medical expenses and provide for your family. We are committed to helping you recover. Our track record speaks to our skill and commitment — we have won more than $1 billion for our clients.

Call our office for an appointment. You can reach us at (212) 235-1027. If you are injured and unable to leave your hospital or home, we can come to you. Reach out to our staff online for an appointment.