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All construction can be dangerous, but this is particularly true for workers on elevated work sites in New York City. Because of the inherent danger of such work, New York has special legal protections for workers who must accept height-related risks with their jobs.

At Kelner & Kelner Esqs, our attorneys have prosecuted many such cases and have argued them in New York’s highest courts. We are experienced, skilled and dedicated to maximizing the compensation you need to move forward after an injury that can take away your livelihood and ability to meet daily living expenses.

Our successes in personal injury and wrongful death claims involving scaffolding, ladder and window-washing accidents means we can negotiate aggressively with at-fault parties and insurance companies that will try to minimize the extent of your injury.

Crane Accidents

Crane operators are required by law to have extensive training to ensure that they can operate a crane properly and obey important safety precautions. Operators, along with workers in surrounding areas, must be extremely careful and aware of the machinery to avoid causing crane accidents. When they do not, catastrophic personal injuries often result.

At Kelner & Kelner Esqs, we help both injured construction workers and injured pedestrians in crane accident cases, whether the accident involved contact with energized power lines, falls or a crane collapse.

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