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Injured In An Escalator & Elevator Accident?

There are tens of thousands of elevators and escalators throughout the New York metropolitan area. They are commonly installed in most multilevel residential and commercial buildings. They can be found in multilevel office and apartment buildings, airports, shopping malls, schools and department stores. We use them without much thought to the hazards and dangers they pose. When something goes wrong in an elevator or escalator accident, it can result in catastrophic injury.

New York has many laws and regulations governing elevators and escalators installation and maintenance. They must be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. Repairs must be performed by a qualified and licensed company.

Who Is Responsible For An Escalator Or Elevator Accident In New York?

Property owners, along with management and maintenance companies, could be held liable for an elevator or escalator accident. If the injuries were caused by an equipment defect or malfunction, then the manufacturer and service company could also be responsible for the accident. An experienced personal injury law firm like Kelner & Kelner Esqs has access to experts who can investigate the accident to determine who is liable, even if it’s multiple parties.

There Are Many Potential Causes Of Escalator And Elevator Defects And Malfunctions:

  • Improper or neglectful maintenance
  • Missed or incompetent inspection
  • Incomplete, ongoing or unfinished repairs
  • Faulty wiring
  • Electrical or power short-circuiting
  • Control panel or pulley malfunction
  • Unbalanced leveling
  • Hydraulic system failure
  • Sensor malfunction
  • Parts recall
  • Slick elevator floors or escalator steps

Elevator and escalator accidents can result in severe, catastrophic injuries such as broken and fractured bones, head and brain trauma, torn ligaments and even death.

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