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When Severe Brain Trauma Changes Your Family

The brain is the central point of who we are. Our personality and our ability to do what we want both depend on our brain function. When you or a loved one suffers a serious head injury, you likely experience a radical shift in your family dynamic. Treatment takes a long time and many appointments. Treatment may not be successful, and you may need to adapt your definition of success. On top of the stress and worry, medical care for brain trauma is extremely expensive.

Types Of Brain Trauma

After 75 years helping the community, our attorneys have seen a wide variety of brain injury cases. We bring suits on behalf of many types of cases, including:

  • Subdural hematoma: This is the presence of blood, hemorrhage or bruising in the brain. The pressure can cause serious injury to brain function and, in the worst cases, death.
  • Frontal lobe damage: Frontal lobe damage does serious injury to the way your brain processes information. This often means personality changes, memory impairment and poor judgment after recovery.
  • Cranial cortex damage: Damage to the cranial cortex, often called Broca’s area, damages a person’s language capabilities. This can lead to inability to speak or process language.
  • Skull injury: Damage to the skull can require metal plating, bone grafting and other serious surgical repairs. These are dangerous and expose the brain to infection or secondary damage.

Your family should not suffer through these injuries alone. We understand that you are probably going back and forth between medical professionals and trying to stabilize your situation. Let us be your legal guide. You do not need to call; you can email us at your convenience, from the hospital, and get a response.

How We Help Accident Victims

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