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Name of Case: L.M. v. Camelot Communications Group, Inc., Coranet Corp. and Manuel V. Almonte

Verdict: $4,030,000

Top 10 Highest Verdict in New York, 2020:

Court’s Decision on Post Trial Motion:

Type of Accident: Pedestrian knockdown

Brief Description of Accident: This pedestrian- motor vehicle accident took place incident on Broadway, at its intersection with West 161st Street, in the NYC on December 13, 2014. This incident occurred when the defendants’ motor vehicle came into contact with and struck the plaintiff as she lawfully crossed Broadway at the aforesaid intersection. The plaintiff crossed with the light in her favor and within the marked crosswalk. Defendant MANUEL V. ALMONTE, the operator of defendants’ commercial van, also had a green light when he made a left from West 161st Street onto Broadway. The defendant testified that as he made the left turn, he never saw the plaintiff crossing the street at any time prior to striking her with the his van. The plaintiff claimed she was dragged under the van a distance of approximately 10 feet.

Injuries: The plaintiff sustained severe and serious permanent personal injuries including, but not limited to, a comminuted, angulated fracture of the surgical neck of her right humerus; bi-lateral fractures of the 10th rib; injury to her right wrist resulting in right carpal tunnel syndrome requiring surgery; head injuries; torn meniscus of the left knee; and injuries to plaintiff’s face and left knee resulting in severe and disfiguring permanent keloid scarring to her face and left knee.

Venue: Supreme Court, NY County

Place of Accident: New York County, NY

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